Prepare for summer fashion look luxury latan bag

Hey, you’re the sister I want to be.
Today, Insane
I’m going to need to be ready for the summer
the most important item among the essential items
I’d like to introduce you to some latan bags

I’ve been trying to get a lot of
even the most popular children
I’m going to introduce you, so please refer to this!

The first brand to be introduced
It’s a really hot one these days with the Oblique line.
It’s Christian Dior, the item
Oblique, who plastered the winter sns last fall
I met Latan this summer.
(Unfortunately, it is still not sold in Korea.)
the strap and rattan of the oblique pattern appropriately
the demodulation board bag and the enclosing power mixed are very
It’s been released as a good shopper & shoulder bag.
Not only on vacation, but also on the Day Look
It is useful to buy it because it fits well
I think I can carry it.

The second brand to introduce
Personally, my editor’s sister’s favorite
Chloe, I’ve been seeing a lot of brands
We’re launching a double-cooked bag,
This time, Chloe Latan’s double-cooked bag is really
I think it’s a good one.
The chilos are simple under the bottom of the bag
with the logo on it
inside is clean and clean
It’s designed and out.
I’m really feeling the vacation of a bright beige
Latan bag, white strap version
Brown version of the strap bag
I have a separate one, so I can make sure
I think I’d like to choose.

The third brand to be introduced
Ratanback also comes in colourful releases of Roebe
Roeve is originally very receptive
A very large shoulder bag comes out of a rattan bag
It was popular, but this time
yellow, green, beige-mixed
the rattan bag of the colorful minimal size
It was released and attracted attention.
I’m not going to use the Ratanback for travel
It’s a product recommended for sisters who want to use it.

in the existing bag design
The brand that did a really good job of Ratan mixing
Fendi is the fourth brand
Fendi, one of the hot brands these days.
Fendi said that he was a rattan bag
It’s not a big, fancy ride
in the bag of the daily one design 레플리카 which it already released
I’m just changing the introduction to Latan, so it’s sophisticated
It’s a sensible release.
I’m gonna need a little unique
Recommended to your favorite sisters!

The high-end smel wind
Latanback at Chanel.
In Chanel, the white using the rattan material
It’s been released in a beauty box bag
Gabriela, one of Chanel’s best-emergences
Meet Hobo Backdo Ratan and Kafskin
Says they released it in a bag with a summer smell!
No, I wonder if I can be so pretty.
the holding force and the light portability which is strong
Not Ratan for your favorite sisters
Recommendation of Large Shopping Bags for Items

Prada, a brand that is always popular
in Prada, it is a constant
The Ratan Bag is on the market.
In existing, the rattan material is the bag design
Most of them, and the holiday atmosphere
If it’s designed to be a bit
The latest design is in the Daily Bag
It’s characterized by a slight layer of latan.
Red, White, Brown, and so on
Only with good colors to direct to the point
It’s a launch that’s a point bag
I recommend it to my sisters!

The last brand I’m going to introduce
Celine, a former penthouse regular brand
The combination of a luxurious and simple logo and design
I’m not sure you want to have any items
I thought it would make me think…
Celine is different from other brands
The design and color application method were different.
Latanbacks are also available in tambourine bags, backpacks,
It was released in a unique way,
So I’m not sure that you’re going to
It’s a very popular item.

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