It became a hot topic by winning the Player of the Year award.

My favorite actor Kim Taehee’s All-Kja
Actor Lee Wan’s wife, 레플리카 Lee Bo-mi, who is called a golf idol,
Clock shopping is the talk of the town.

Kim Tae-hee’s all-K-ja professional golfer Lee Bo-mi (33)
He posted a luxury watch shopping on his social media on the 5th.

Lee Bo-mi posted a message on her social media on the 5th.
It was hard to choose because all the watches were cute.
Great watch. I’ll do my best this season.”
I posted the article and the picture together.

In the picture posted on SNS, Lee Bo-mi said,
At a luxury watch brand store, watch brand
a wide array of watches with a bright smile
It shows you enjoying shopping, such as wearing it.

The brand is one of the companies that sponsored Lee Bo-mi.
Coach Jose Mourinho, the brand as your car is a watch.
It’s known.

Professional golfer Lee Bo-mi in 2019
Married actor Kim Taehee’s younger brother Ewan,
It is known as Kim Tae-hee’s All K.

On her first wedding anniversary last year,
That I got a luxury watch as a gift from my husband, Ewan.
We’ve revealed it.

Lee Bo-mi, who is known as the wife of Kim Tae-hee and All-Kiza Ewan,
He is famous for being a talented professional golfer.
He joined KLPGA in 2007 and made his debut in golf.
She won four games in her career, and in 2010, she won multiple wins, prize money, and the lowest at-bats at the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association.

Not only that, but Lee Bo-mi also swept the Japanese stage, making her debut on the JLPGA tour in 2011.
He has 21 wins and 9th place in total prize money.
Japan Men’s and Women’s Professional Golf Tour with 7 wins in 2015
He earned 230.497,057 yen (about 2.3 billion won) in prize money, and won the grand prize, the prize money king, and the lowest at-bats award ever.
From 2015 to 2016
JLPGA Tour for the first time in history for two consecutive years
It became a hot topic by winning the Player of the Year award.

In 2016, he also won three gold medals with five wins.
Lee Bo-mi is as beautiful as her golf skills and kind manners among Japanese golf fans.
It’s nicknamed ‘Smile Candy.’

He was appointed ambassador for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
I also participated in the successful service.

Yi Wan and Yi Bo Mi were introduced by the Catholic priest in early 2018.
The two people who are connected are lovers through religion and golf.
Jin-Hwang, where did you get married in December 2019 in Seoul?

Lee Wan is the younger brother of actor Kim Tae-hee and the brother-in-law of singer and actor Rain, who made his debut in the drama “Stairway to Heaven” in 2004.
He has appeared in various works.

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