After completing the skyning, air shooting is carried out with a drone.

Since yesterday, the weather has been so good as spring.
It’s making us feel the warm weather.
I can see some people wearing short sleeves every now and then.
I feel like this summer is going to be pretty hot. Hah!
Seongnam Kia Motors Skyning Installation

Kia Motors Service Center located in Seohyeon-dong, Seongnam
Skyning installation has been carried out.
It was a pretty big project.
Focus on starting and finishing to proceed with the installation
I remember doing it.
It’s a long-running sky-ning with one installation.
It’s a service center, so there’s a lot of people on the move.
As it’s a space, I’ve been paying more attention to the work site!

I have a work schedule for the weekend.

Kia Motors repair center. On weekdays.
The guests coming in to fix the car.
There were so many of them that I didn’t force myself to schedule the work.
I have a schedule to work on Sunday.
This large scale of sky-ning is the only way to do it.
There’s something I need to pay attention to, and there’s other people besides the workers.
If you’re moving, you’ll be in a safety accident.
Because we need to be prepared, we need to be prepared as much as we can.
Early morning without movement or on a day without movement
I’m working on a schedule.

We’ve been working on the skyning site in Seongnam.
The work size is 스카이어닝 approximately 14 meters and the projection is 6.5 meters.
It was about the same scene.
It’s more than 14 meters across.
We can’t work with one set!
So I divided it into two sets and worked on it.

Installation height was high.
We had a lift in place to repair the car.
It wasn’t a condition to work on the ladder.
That’s why the equipment (sky) and the mobile scaffolding are so important.
You have used to proceed with the work.
I wasn’t in the best condition on the set,
To produce the best results,
Focus on the given situation and do your best!

Sturdy, neat sky-on-

Seongnam skyning has been completed.
It’s set up at the Kia Motors service center.
They’re setting up skyning for the equipment.
I’ve had a hard time, but the result is…
It came out very satisfactory.
When we were working on this, the framework was designed to help us.
Because the boss set it up himself.
The team only had skyning installed!

Seongnam Sky Earnings with Drone

After completing the skyning, air shooting is carried out with a drone.

When we’re done, we’re going to take a picture of the aircraft.
Here’s the skyning.
a view from bottom to top to the top
The way you see it from the top to the bottom, it’s obvious.
It makes a difference.
The way you look at sky-ning from the sky all the time.
I think it’s really cool.

When I came to work on Seongnam skyning,
There was a slight error with the structure I first described.
Check all of these in the field.
There’s no error in the actual progress.
The work was carried out after changing it according to the site situation.
It’s a little different from what I thought. I was embarrassed.
With the know-how of long work, I’ve been working with my team.
I was able to complete a strong and beautiful sky evening.

Kia Motors Service Center in Seohyeon-dong, Seongnam
The skyning site has a high installation height.
The working conditions weren’t very good.
It was a scene where I had a lot of trouble and a lot of worries.
And when I looked at the completed sky-on-the-
It was a more rewarding scene.

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