I’ll leave you a link to the online mall, and I’ll go get some goodnight.

It’s getting warmer day by day, but it’s still chilly in the morning and evening.
It’s easy to catch a cold during times of severe temperature difference, but the skin gets damaged easily, so it becomes dull.
I can’t help but pay more attention to home care than usual.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been using the massage cream that I introduced last time.
They maintain good skin conditions even during the change of seasons with severe daily temperature difference.

So today, following my last review, I’ve got a review of the skin changes I’ve been using for a month.
I introduced the product in early 마사지 February, but it’s already March. Time flies, right?

Scoo Designing Massage Cream
100g / Price: 79,000 won
Gankin Massage is used as a “rich fit prescription” that changes texture.
It’s a self-massage cream that gives a lively shine, distinct contour, and a natural three-dimensional effect.

I’ve already used this much so I can see the bottom of the cream can.LOL
I feel a little sad thinking that there’s not much time left.

One of the things that I liked about using it consistently was the scent that I could feel every time I massage.
It starts with a floral citrus scent, and after the massage, it’s a deep-seated, comfortable rest.
I love how it’s changed to musk.

It’s like a healing time ending a day.

I usually spray perfume that I like before I go to bed and I’m sensitive to scents.
You can enjoy the scent that changes depending on the texture while massaging, so this is the small but definite happiness!

Also, it contains plant-derived scoalene, so even after the massage, the cream was removed, the skin was moist without any grit.
Continuous use promotes blood flow and naturally improves skin elasticity and tightening effect.
I also liked the fact that I can take care of my skin every day with glossy skin 🙂

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a rich fit prescription texture that’s excellent for facial bone massage.
From the time you apply it to the skin to the middle of the massage, it’s a creamy texture that sticks tight and tight.
There was less slip, and from mid to late massage, it became more flexible and rolled smoothly on the skin.
It’s a perfect massage cream for self- massage with home care!

I usually use night care before I went to bed.
(You said it was more relaxing in the evening than in the busy morning.)

First, spread the appropriate amount of textures with a spatula that is built into dry skin.

Afterwards, massage thoroughly and carefully according to the Gankin massage sequence, and after the massage,
Wipe the remaining cream off your face with a sponge cross soaked in lukewarm water.

I usually do eye massages that help reduce swelling and natural moisturizing of the entire face.
She gave me a nasal pore massage a couple of times a week to soothe my dead skin 🙂

This is the sponge cross used after the massage.
After using it, you can wash it with a neutral detergent and use it continuously, so I don’t need to use it when I massage myself.
I heard you used this to remove your makeup.lol

It’s a month-long comparison of the Scoo Designing Massage Cream.

I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve changed since I’ve seen you every day, but I’ve been lazy since you’ve been doing home care.
The gloss of the skin is like this~ Looking at the short but long time changes in one picture side by side,
It’s definitely less dry than before, and you can feel that it’s changed into a healthy and elastic skin, right?

Sku’s brand philosophy is to complete the essential beauty of a timeless woman.
I wonder if this is the technology of aging skincare ♥

You’ve developed your own Gankin Massage as a habit of a day.
With muscles, bones, lymph nodes, and blood flow being taken care of, the skin’s fundamentals are healthy, and the skin’s radiant, it’s full of moisture.
I’m so happy to take care of you!

So I’m going to continue to use the remaining cream 🙂

Because it’s the change of seasons, my skin condition has become dull and bad. For those who are worried,
Or as you get older, your skin feels less elastic and your swelling doesn’t go away. If you feel depressed,
Contemporary Luxury Beauty Brand that completes understated beauty,
Why don’t you continue to do self massage home care with the Scoo Designing Massage Cream?

I’m sure you’ll feel that your skin gets better as much as you take care of it!

Purchases are available on the first floor of the Galleria Luxury Hall WEST and online malls.
I’ll leave you a link to the online mall, and I’ll go get some goodnight.

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