Dongtan Massage The Foot Shop KTX Station Store

Hello. I’m the one who’s been working so hard.
I’ve been given presents periodically.
I go around getting a massage.
My old place is closed.
I was looking for Dongtan Massage, and I found a place in the KTX Tower in Woosung.
The Foot Shop KTX Station in New York City
I’ve decided to visit. Inside the commercial building,
There’s a parking lot.
I liked it because it was easy.

It was on the third floor of the 부산건마 mall, and everyone was like,
I think it’s a dark atmosphere, and I don’t like it.
That’s true, but this is a commercial building.
It’s bright, and I can always to visit.
Being there was the biggest advantage.
I didn’t like seeing others when I went to the shop.

And I was wondering if I should walk up to the third floor.
I was worried, but there was an elevator in the building.
I was able to go up comfortably because I was like this.
I came here after work, so my body…
I was tired. It was clean.
It was a neat building! Besides, in front of the Elbe,
There’s also a standing signboard.
It was really nice to visit.

The good thing about this place is that before we get right in,
The cost information was released.
Most shops have different prices.
I’m worried about the amount of money I get.
This is the first time I got out of the elevator.
I was able to check it right away.
Of course, before I go in, I’m not sure what I’m gonna do.
I checked the service and went in.

I’ll take a look at the price, and the special footcare is…
It’s 38,000 won for 60 minutes. Dry-back care is…
38,000 won. Aroma care 55,000 won.
It was really cheap compared to 60 minutes.
Plus, if you buy a flat ticket, you’ll be able to sign up.
They give you a lot of discounts.
There’s no reason not to!

We’re here from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.
I’ll run it. I’ll get off work. I’ll be comfortable.
I was able to find him. It’s a weekend-
Not only that, but also enough time.
He’s running it, and whoever visits him, he’s really…
I think it’ll be good. But reservations are mandatory.
It’s better to make a reservation over the phone in advance.
I also made a reservation and visited.

I’m supposed to change my shoes when I get in.
It’s my taste for cute bunny shoes.
They gave it to me. Isn’t it so cute because it’s pink?
If you go in with your socks on, it’s hygienic.
I don’t think it’s going to be good for you.
It’s safe to be here!
I changed my shoes.
He went inside.

I’ve made a reservation, so I’ve got a staff member.
He showed me right away. interior design
I don’t know if you’re trying to.
Inside, there are these cute props.
It was full. What course did the staff take?
You asked me if I was going to get it, so I immediately…
I told you I wanted to get it in Aroma!

Even this is how the aroma oil is displayed.
There was a time. The oil you use.
I’m making it transparent, but I’m just saying that I…
I’ll pick out a few scents that I like.
I smelled it. What kind of oil did you use in advance.
I think I was able to decide whether to receive it or not.
The scent doesn’t hurt your head.
It was really nice because it was soft.

Doesn’t it seem like there are a lot of rooms?
There were rooms all along the hall.
I asked for your understanding, and when I looked inside,
There was a single room and a double room. And
A multi-person room for three or more people.
He was there. He brought his parents.
It would be great to receive it!

I’m gonna need you to take care of your clothes.
I changed. We’ll be escorted to the fitting room.
The staff gave me the key.
Turns out this dressing room has a private locker
I found it. If you can’t lock it, you can’t lock it.
I don’t want to keep my belongings here.
I just need to lock it with a key and carry it with me.
I’m relieved and this is also very comfortable.

The dressing room is clean and spotless.
It was cleaned well. changing clothes
It’s a lot of trouble because it’s a space.
It was clean inside the locker, too! My clothes.
I have a hanger to keep, a coat.
I hung it up and changed my clothes.
Just looking at the changing room, it’s hygienic.
You don’t have to look at anything else.
I thought it would be okay.

There’s a shower on the side, so everything.
Wash yourself clean after the maintenance.
I might go. I’m gonna go home after work.
I felt uncomfortable because I was here, but I couldn’t wash it.
Space is available to refresh
There were disposable items and body wash.
It was ready and there were plenty of towels.
The warm water came out well.

I’ll look around the fitting room, and I’ll look at the clothes next to it.
I’ve changed, but this place is unique.
He organized his clothes and put them next to him.
I can choose the size I want to wear it.
It was comfortable! I’m dressed in a straight face.
It’s not soft, it’s not old, it’s not old.
It was under management. I can’t even the laundry.
I don’t know if you did a good job. It smells good.
You changed quickly.

Now that we’ve changed, let’s get started.
Let’s go get Dongtan massage!
In the mirror in the fitting room,
I took a proof shot, but this is a reservation system.
I don’t know, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea
It’s a time like this that doesn’t overlap.
It was good to be safe!

In Dongtan Massage, before we start,
He was the first one to take a foot bath.
He’s soaking his feet in warm water.
I feel like I’m relaxing.
I’m tired. I’ve been working all day.
I had a hard time standing.

And then he showed me to Peter.
I was shivering in the cold weather.
He’s got a warmer. He’s warm.
I warmed it up. The floor’s warm.
I love the aroma oil scent.
You just got better! And
I don’t know if I don’t say anything about it.
I don’t know if you’re doing it with a mole.
Thanks to you, the clumped place worked out really well.

Dongtan Massage The Foot Shop KTX Station Store
Of all the places I’ve been to,
I mean, skills, I mean, they’re nagging me.
It was a luxurious store.
I mean, the price was pretty good.
It’s a store, so I’ll visit you again soon.
I want to! If I don’t go, it’ll be a loss.
I felt it.

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