It can be done through the Public Finance Integration Call Center or the Miso Financial Branch.

Everyone knows that the current economic situation in Korea is difficult. It’s a difficult situation not only in Korea but also in the world. Companies and small business owners are also reducing their jobs as they are struggling to operate, so it is a matter of heaven for college students to find jobs. So today, we will have a time to find out about the types of college student loans and the conditions and qualifications that can be used for job preparation and living expenses.

College student loans literally mean loans that college students can get. My credit rating is not that high because I still have a student status and I don’t have a proper social life experience. Therefore, it is not possible to use credit loans that ordinary office workers receive, and they are likely to be shunned by the financial sector. However, these days, the types of college student loans that college students can receive have increased.

1. Student loans from the Korea Scholarship Foundation

If you are a college student, you may have thought about tuition, textbook purchase, or living expenses. As everyone knows, it’s not a one or two percent tuition, so the Korea Scholarship Foundation is offering student loans and living expenses loans to solve this problem.

– General repayment student loan

You can apply for general repayment student loans if you are in the 9th or higher income bracket among high school graduates in Korea. If you are a graduate student, you are not restricted from your income and everyone is included in the loan list. The age limit is set to 55 years old, and like general loans, if the credit rating is too low, you may be eliminated from the screening.

The Korea Scholarship Foundation’s student loan rate is 1.85% applied, and it can be used at variable interest rates for repayment after employment and fixed interest rates for general scholarships. Except for students with disabilities or new students, you should have completed at least 70 or more courses with 12 or more credits in the previous semester. In the case of tuition loans, the entire tuition fee is loaned, but the maximum limit of 1.5 million won is set for living expenses loans.

2. Woori Bank’s customized jeonse loans for young people

It’s a product that I can recommend to people who live separately from home. Since it is a loan conducted by Woori Bank, the first commercial bank in the financial sector, it has the advantage of being able to use the product at low interest rates. It is a good real estate loan for college students who are suffering from financial difficulties due to independence.

A maximum limit of 7 million won per individual can be accepted by household owners who are 34 years of age or younger as of the date of applying for a guarantee. The loan period is at least one year – up to two years within the end of the lease, but if you are not 34 years old, you can extend the period indefinitely regardless of the number of times. It is a product that can be used for repayment of the expiration date and time.

3. Government-backed youth sunshine

When looking for loans, you should prioritize the first financial sector and government-backed loans, and sunshine loans are also characterized by low interest rates because they are loans made by the government to stabilize the economy of the working class.

It is for young people aged 19 to 29 years 비대면 폰테크 old, and military writers can be up to 31 years old considering the military service period. You need to be able to satisfy one of the people below the credit rating of 6, the next higher class, the basic beneficiaries, and the qualification requirements for applying for work incentives. The maximum loan limit is 12 million won, and you can use it at an annual interest rate of 4.5%. Applications can be made through the Public Finance Integration Call Center or the Miso Financial Branch.

4. Support young people’s existing loans

The last type of college student loan is a loan package for young people who have a burden of anticipation. You can check the existence of the lease contract for the previous month at the bank window and use it within 12 million won.

It’s a young household between 19 and 34 years of age and should earn less than 7,000 won a year. Up to 2.3% for jeonse, up to 12 million won for monthly rent, and 2.3% for jeonse. You can apply at 13 banks that have signed business agreements, including Nonghyup, Woori, Kookmin, Hana, Corporate, Shinhan, Suhyup, Daegu, Gwangju, and Kakao Bank.

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