How, where, and where, blogging is going.

Promoting my business.

I didn’t think it would be this difficult.

There are a lot of people talking.

Offline advertising has its limits.

Through online advertising,

I mean, if you’re trying to make it work,

It’s on the rise.

Especially advertising through blogs,

The power of the blogger’s upper echelons is strong.

The competition is fierce.

But most important of all,

As a place-preemptive point of view

That’s what happens.

If the economy is difficult and it’s hard to attract consumer attention,

So that we can start a boom now.

I hope you find out how.

First of all, there’s a lot of different ways to get a good seat.

There’s a way, but there’s a clear keyword.

We have to decide and set the target base.

The top exposure of blogs is detailed.

We need to be able to see through.

There’s nothing I can miss.

The Internet, moreover online, the platform in it,

So what was it like before the blog was so active?

for easy understanding

Let me give you an example of an offline ad.

It’s an outdoor advertisement.

Outdoor advertising is also a type of advertising.

It depends on the purpose because it varies.

Usually as an installation of an ad balloon or sign,

It’s a way of advertising.

The important thing is that it’s in a 구글상위노출 conspicuous place.

You are installing.

And that’s what makes blogging super-exposure so popular.

I can say it’s the same.

If it’s out of sight,

If it’s installed in a place where people don’t go too far,

Because you don’t get attention.

You won’t be able to see the effects.

So the first thing to decide is,

Set the location, depending on the situation.

I’m deciding what to do.

This is the environment for getting started.

It’s basic to create.

After that, I’m going to set my goals step by step by step.

We’d better achieve it one by one.

As you can see, outdoor advertising is important.

Especially when outdoor advertising is exposed to a specific environment.

We need to strengthen our target and purpose.

There’s a highway right there.

It’s either you own a car or you own a car.

The people on the highway who are moving…

You can say it’s a target.

A large sign for advertising targeting these people.

You can see it everywhere.

Especially for large signboards placed like this.

If it’s eye-catching and it fits the target,

You’ll be able to see the effects.

Especially for drivers and motorists who frequently ride highways.

If there is a publicity campaign that identifies the situation, tendencies, etc.

It’ll be easier to get attention.

The effects will also be guaranteed.

This is the target.

I know what the point is.

It’s the most basic way to approach.

It’s an approach.

So the top exposure to blogs

To someone, in what way should it be done?

First of all, I understand the pros and cons accurately, and I really do.

You have to think about the promotional method that should be there.

First of all, the benefits are the number of exposures and the transition.

CTR(Click Through Rate), 즉 클릭률과

CVR(Conversion Rate), 즉 전환율에

There’s no direct hit.

For click rate, you would have clicked on the advertisement like a word

The ratio divided by the number of times of exposure.

The conversion rate is based on the number of people who visited the page.

The ratio divided by the number of transitions.

What exactly does the transition mean?

I’m sure some of you are wondering.

This is before actual sales are made.

A change is detected in all processes.

For example, you’ve signed up.

Some products are steamed or put in a shopping basket.

Motion that is directly related to sales, such as purchasing

It’s what’s been detected.

Blog top exposure when it’s at the top.

I can’t figure it out myself,

Break away from the extent that it can affect

Without worrying about the amount deducted from the ratio,

You can be free.

But on the other hand, the effect is also guaranteed.

This part can be a disadvantage because it can’t be done.

It’s not just that, but it’s also the kind of thing that’

I can’t even see the natural writing.

The artificial and contrived advertising market

I think it’s done.

Similar titles, content, and photos

I think it’s antagonizing.

I’m sure it’s pictures and writings I’ve ever seen.

new posts or just a few days ago

There are times when I get confused because it’s a post.

Once it’s in place, it’s going to be effective to some extent.

I deleted it because it means that I was recognized,

It’s a repetition of an up and down.

So when we’re trying to find information,

There’s a lot of familiarity, a lot of things that I’ve seen before.

Also new things to see and read, such as contact.

That’s why you’re learning new information.

I think there are restrictions.

in the form of a market

Many businesses and people understand and practice how to proceed.

In the past, blogs were first created.

A lot of users share a day.

We also shared various information.

Now that pure purpose is gone.

It’s gradually turning into business.

That much, consumers are not advertising.

He’s easily aware that it’s an ad.

It’s also a horse.

Of course, you can get the product free of charge, or you can get some.

If you’ve got the support, make sure you make it public.

I may not lose the meaning of advertising,

Discover, buy, and use the product

The nuance of doing everything yourself.

It’s the same user who’s looking for that blog.

It can be an act, and the user knows it.

You may feel repulsed.

So blogging is about how, where, and where.

Why do you do it with a clear purpose?

It is recommended that you proceed to be natural.

Natural advertising

You have to open it up.

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