A prenatal care program that I thought of while getting a massage

Footspa before massage stimulates the parasympathetic nerves to help the whole body circulate, further maximizing the massage effect.

Tea and jujube almonds are served.

This is too good.

a telegraph spa

Wow, it’s so exotic. It smells like a Southeast Asian spa.
Thanks to your new opening and new interior design, you can get care in a very clean environment! Above all, I think cleanliness should be maintained first because it is a place where bare skin touches, and the lowest price massage shop in Cheonan that I chose is A plus level.
Next time, I’ll do a full body spa. Swimsuits are also provided, so you can use them without any burden. How romantic it would be if I went on a date.

A heartfelt couple massage recommendation!
Now to the fifth floor for your care!

For a comfortable atmosphere, it’s a different tone from the 4th floor. It’s already relaxing.
The massage room is privately separated, and the two beds are side by side so that the couple can receive comfortably.

Southeast Asia’s Luxurious! I feel so good.
A warm massage bed always feels good.
This is the second lowest massage shop in Cheonan. It’s located in Seongjeong-dong. Like the name A plus, teachers are actually very good at massage and service reception! The reason why I especially like this place is because of its facilities.
Thanks to her delicate massage, I was able to relax my whole body for 60 minutes.

I’m taking care of the sick places because of poor circulation. The precious time when I could rest so comfortably both physically and mentally.
When I finish the massage in such a good mood, I finish it by drinking tea.

Look at the night view of 구리 스웨디시 Dosan Boulevard in a romantic place like this and have a cup of tea~~~~Hue husband~~ Let’s go together next time~
I love the therapy I got today. Click.
Course A for Swedish massage costs 100,000 won for 90 minutes, and the 90-minute A+ course for western head lymph massage and facial massage costs 130,000 won. They are all made up of Korean teachers. I am confident that it is the best among the Cheonan Korean massage shops. The hours of operation are from 2 pm to 2 am, so please go!
I want to come here to get a bar disco!
Couple spa prices!

And the prenatal care program that I thought of while getting a massage, as expected~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

I think it would be very, very good if I get prenatal care.
Truly coveted intrastates.

600,000 won for five times! It can be managed at a discount of 33%. I almost paid for it. If you like it, it would be good to get it 5 times.

It’s hard to travel because of the corona these days.

It would be nice to go to Cheongdam Premiership for a Christmas event!

I’ll come back later.
Thank you, Terapist Crystal, for working so hard on the therapy! Haha
You can feel the cozy atmosphere of a one-person shop. It’s one of the lowest kilns in Cheonan that I strongly recommend. If you don’t know the charm of a one-person shop, I recommend you go there. Your main focus is on the Swedish massage, which is 100,000 won for 60 minutes and 130,000 won for 90 minutes. Maxim even has a thorough hygiene program to prepare for Corona, so you can get it in this situation with confidence. You’ve completed your education on Swedish massage, and you’re a beautiful woman in her 20s. ^^ It’s 3 minutes away from Lotte Mart in Seongjeong-dong, Seobuk-gu, so it’s very easy to find. Business hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 a.m. Free parking is available, so please go. ~ Totally recommend

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