I found myself a regular customer from the moment I froze

I’ve been in the company for about two years.

Compared to when you’ve been around so many times,

You know, they scold you for being so different.

I don’t know when.

It’s hard to get up in the morning.

I’m tired at work.

It’s my job to doze off.

One day, without my knowledge,

Sleeping on your stomach.

My co-worker saw me.

It wakes you up.

I’m not being lazy or anything.

I can’t keep up with my physical strength.

I think he’s having a harder time.

And then, after a long time, my friend

Let’s make time to eat.

He did.

It was annoying, but he was a close friend.

I couldn’t say no.

But a friend I haven’t seen in a while

As soon as you see me, why are you so…

You asked me if my face was damaged.

They were worried about us.

So I’m going to tell you what happened.

We’re talking about it.

Why is my body so tired?

I don’t know.

I started to complain.

It’s all about fatigue.

I heard it’s something like that.

First of all, every time I get tired,

Letting him go.

It’s good for your health.

To me, the Incheon business trip massage

I started introducing them.

I don’t know if there’s a service like this.

I didn’t know that.

Listen to your friend.

That’s it.

When I became curious,

I want to use it.

I started to think.

First of all, I liked it the most.

Incheon Travel Massage is open 24 hours a day.

That’s what I’m saying.

On the street, there’s a lot of shops.

I’ve seen it, but it’s open 24 hours.

I don’t think I’ve seen the phrase.

That’s why I’m so busy working overtime.

It’s the perfect 안산건마 system for me.

I had an idea.

with these characteristics

in the neighborhood

My friend’s been using this place for quite a while.

I heard it’s been a long time.

My friend told me this story.

from the way you do

I think it’s worth it.

Speaking of which,

a business trip massage

I have a reservation.

A friend is not a nag.

with a nagging tongue-tied

If a woman gets dark circles on her face,

He asked me what I should do.

She even advised me to take it more often.

We broke up.

On the day of the massage,

I don’t know why time is so slow.

I guess I was just waiting for the end of the day:)

I can’t wait to get a massage.

It was also a day of desperation. LOL

You can’t be so late after work.

I was in a hurry to go.

Fortunately, ten minutes early.

I arrived first.

And then the janitor went home.

He visited me:)

That’s right!

I personally went to the shop for the Incheon business trip.

You don’t go and get it.

I’m sure the janitor’s going to go home.

It’s a visiting system.

Easier and more likeable

I had no choice but to.

To be honest with you, modern people…

It’s hard to make time for me.

It’s real.

Everything I do, I’m in a hurry.

I get nervous and stuff.

This system has a time schedule

You can do it freely.

We can proceed with home care.

to suit the characteristics of the modern people

I thought it was a place.

After the supervisor came in,

Go straight to the massage.

It’s done.

More tired than I thought.

They say it’s piled up.

You need to focus more on massaging.

I’m starting to do it.

What if it hurts, if it’s uncomfortable?

What shall we do?

I don’t know what to think about it is.

I did.

It’s not like that at all.

He’s already got the skills.


Because he was a veteran.

Well, in terms of skills, I’m satisfied enough.

I could feel it.

I just got my hair done.

How cool it was. Just a little bit in the middle.

It was enough to make me asleep.

It doesn’t hurt that much, but stay cool!

And I’m going to take care of it delicately.

I knew you did it for me

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