It was carried out with the focus on relaxing muscles.

Use Elbow for deeper stimulation

They gave it to me. Cooler than pain.

It spreads from head to toe.

Same thing. Straighten the lower body.

with a focus on relaxing muscles

It’s progressing. I’ll stand up and work.

That’s why your calves are so hard.

But this time, when I was getting care,

The hard calves become soft.

I don’t know how amazing it was to watch it.~

In addition to hand-held hand-written management,

Lower body slimming care with instrument

You’re the MC. It’s called far-infrared radiation.

And then you break down the cellulite.

To ensure smooth blood circulation

It’s a device that helps.

Warm heat in the lower limbs, thighs.

I can feel it in the body, in the mind.

I felt comfortable.

With only one Ansan skin care,

The fact that you can see the effects you want.

What makes Noble Story World Beauty Club attractive?

Same thing. Of course, if you’re consistent with management,

More satisfactory results as a gift.

Can I see it? So I’m going to do it next time.

He even made a reservation.

Gwibin is located within 3 minutes of walking from Exit 5 of 일산 마사지 Hapjeong Station in Mapo. I took the subway, but I visited the station comfortably because it has good access to the station. People who bring their cars can park, so you can come easily. If you visit during the week, there will be a 10,000 won discount event in progress, so it would be good to go during the week and get maintenance cheaper!

There was a corona notice at the entrance of the 24 o’clock massage shop. When your nose is serious like this these days, you must wear a mask is a must! The tusk had no effect, so I could cover my nose and enter wearing a mask.

After entering the shop, I checked my body temperature first, disinfected my hands, and wrote down my visiting diary. It’s a place where you follow the rules of corona very carefully, so I was relieved.

It calms me down when I hear calm music from the shop. With the delicate aroma scent, I realized that I came here to enjoy healing. It was a speaker that I wanted, and it’s nice to see you at the Mapo Massage Shop, and it’s really nice to see you.

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