Healing 건마 the tired body

Less than a month away, 2020!

Is it true that in a few days I’m going to get a year older?

The last thing I want to achieve this year before the new year begins.

If you have a wish, your recent condition is unutterable.

It’s about getting my skin back as it used to be.

I don’t want to get old, but I want to look young all the time.

It’s the same for both men and women, right?

So even if you don’t exercise regularly, home care is a lot more important.

No matter what happens, don’t let it end in three days.

even marking on the desk calendar.

I’m always doing it.

These days, I’ve been writing beauty diaries.

Cosmetics and home care methods that fit or didn’t fit me.

I’m writing it down and I’m working very hard!
You said it’s the secret to making you look young.

Face Yoga was a huge hit, right?

I’m sure many of you know the best way.

It’s A.A. O.W.

When you take a picture, your face stiffens and your face looks natural.

That’s how you do it when you don’t come out, right?

But the A.O.O. movement is also about face creasing.

They say it’s helpful.

But I’ve tried it a few times.

They say it’s effective to do it consistently every day.

It’s not easy to do it every day in your daily life.

But it’s not easy to do face muscle exercises.

It’s MD Planner E5.

I only need to use it two or three times a week.

It’s much less burdensome and it’s five minutes of intensive care.

I could see that it was properly managed.

I felt it and I started to work harder.
When it was first opened and used, the battery was low.

You need to buffer it before you use it.

Smartphone with USB cable in component

Plug it into the charger adapter and charge it.

Connecting to a computer and charging it

Choose a convenient method and use it after buffering.

The number of lamps in blue color indicates the state of charge.

You can check the 건마 number of lamps in use.

If it shrinks, you need to charge it.

One charge is required; two are available.

Three indicate that they are fully charged

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