Santa Fe DM 88카 used car is good

Nice to meet you all! Winter is like this.

If you can, the cafe cup will change.

That’s why I prefer winter.+_+

Something about the way you treat winter is pleasantly.

I think I have a feeling. Haha

Maybe it’s because of Christmas.

I don’t think I know. +_+ But

Any of you who have birthdays on the same day or on Eve?

Do you think there’s anyone here? One of my friends.

I asked him once. Born on Eve,

His nickname is Eve because his name almost became Eve.

It’s just that his birthday is coming.

I can’t believe it. in recent years

I’ve met Eve, but this time on my own,

You said you’d give me a birthday present.

I spent the whole day with him.

Last time, a big Santa Fe dm used car.

I looked it up. I saw Santa Fe.

I came here.

What he had seen was white.

It used to be a Santa Fe dm used car in color.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a feeling or a desire.

I can’t feel my age with my face.

It’s white, but it’s black.

I mean, even the parts that were turned off were not made in those years.

I thought it was a little strange.

Actually, I can’t even manage my little cell phone.

I’d put a case in it, but this kind of car…

You don’t have a case, so you just walk around.

So the easy thing to maintain is,

I didn’t think so, so I thought it was amazing!

Used Santa Fe dm. There was another advantage.

Tinted windows with strong UV protection.

It was in there. the four seasons

The sun can rise any time.

It’s so dark in here, it’s all season.

I feel like I’m being protected.

It was very satisfying! Looking through the window.

I saw the windshield wipers in the back.

If I were to sum up what I looked at later,

It’s not too much wear, so the windows are well cleaned.

It was good.

The tires that are the feet of a car,

I’ve seen the wheels, but there’s nothing wrong with them.

I didn’t think about it. a yellow tire

He showed off his black rubber without any parts.

The wheels are clean without scratches.

Good. There’s a hole in the wind.

I didn’t think, and I didn’t.

I was glad I didn’t.

It was thick, it was wide.

I thought it was stable. +_+

We’re gonna come inside the used Santafé dm,

I’ve seen it. It smells neat and spicy.

I liked it because it wasn’t me. Haha

And there’s a legroom under St.

Every place where things can exist,

I’ve been looking at it, but it’s not been cleaned.

There was no sign of it. Of course 중고차 88카 it is.

It wasn’t a stain that wasn’t there!

The seat shows that the driver’s side is wrinkled.

There was a part, but the other seats were almost…

I didn’t have one! Wrinkles in the driver’s seat

I did have it, but I did it again.

It’s not completely terminated, so it’s comfortable.

I thought I could use it. Haha

I was looking at the back, and I saw the seat belt.

I pulled the strap and locked it, but I spit it out.

I kept my mouth shut.

And then you press the button, you open your mouth.

It wasn’t hard to open it and solve it.

And when you pull it like this, what kind of…

I think it’s going to be a good fit.

I heard

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