massage worker 건마 honey-like rest

I’ve been moving from work for months, and I’ve been having a hard time with a lot of work. I usually work in front of the computer, so I felt muscle pain because my shoulders and neck were stiff, but I felt more and more pain because of frequent overtime work. These days, I’ve been leaving school on time, but I thought it would be good to take care of my health when I have some free time, so I decided to take care of my health one by one.

The first thing I did was get a massage, but I used to like getting a massage, but I couldn’t because I was busy with work. I visited Seomyeon Tai Masaji The Aroma to relieve my tight muscles and stress! There are many kinds of massage here. There are two representative things that come to mind when you massage them, 건마 Tymassage and Aromasage.

I usually like to get a Thai massage. I liked the coolness when my muscles were loosened, so I enjoyed it. This time, I decided to relieve my stress from work and get refreshed! It was probably the cheapest price I’ve ever been to Seomyeon Tai Massage Shop. I even heard that if you pay in cash, you’ll get a 50% discount on all courses.

What surprised me when I visited was the price. It’s really cheap. In terms of cash price, the Thai massage is 30,000 won and the Aroma massage is 60,000 won, so it’s cheap, right? I used to get a lot of ties because the price of aroma is higher than that of regular Thai, but I think it’s okay because the price of aroma sage is cheaper here. Next time, I’ll try aroma as well.

Tymasage was perfect for me, who had been hit by a lot of work for months, to relax my mood swings and muscles. I visited by public transportation, but there is a tower parking lot in the basement of the building so that people who come by car can get a massage without worrying about parking, and parking is free for up to two hours.

The start of massage is foot bath. I really like foot baths, so I often drink water at home. My blood circulation is not good, so I’ve had a hard time sitting at work all day because my feet get swollen. I was exhausted after work, so I was very tired. I just took a foot bath, but I felt tired. I wanted to get a massage and relax my tired body.

They give me tea when I take a foot bath, and the tea I drank at that time was good for relaxing. I felt relieved. And so I’m going to draw up a chart. If there’s anything I want to solve, write it down here. When you get a massage, you can look at this chart and massage more intensively.

After the foot bath, I was shown to the room where I could get a massage, feeling good with my smooth feet. In my case, I visited alone to get a written Thai massage, but we have a couple room and a multi-person room for parents, friends, couples, etc. Maybe it’s because I’m so tired, but I feel like I’m going to get rid of all my fatigue if I lie down with a massage.

My neck and shoulders were really stiff. It was the moment I felt good about getting a massage. It relaxes my muscles so gently that I fell asleep strangely. After so much time passed and woke up, I felt really refreshed, so I fell asleep for a short time, but I woke up very refreshed.

It was a 90-minute massage, and it felt like my body was getting tired and my body was getting less tense and relaxed. I heard this place is the largest in Busan and it is about 160 pyeong. The shower room was also very large, and there was a booth for individual use, so it felt good and private. Usually, it’s the day before my day off, but when I work overtime, I get really stressed out and get a massage and go home.

It’s better to make a reservation by calling in advance on the date and time you want. And I liked The Aroma because the locker room was very neat and tidy. And the massage we’re doing here is said to be effective in alleviating things like blood circulation disorder and metabolic disorder. Needless to say, pain in the shoulder, headache, and muscle aches?

It has a lot of health effects, so I think it’s a good way to stay healthy by visiting often for your health. I think it’s also a good way to relieve stress by getting a massage to relieve the mood and muscle pain. After the massage, my fatigue was relieved. I’m sure there are few people in this age who don’t feel stressed or tired. Get a cool massage with Seomyeon Tai Massage and relieve your stress.

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