I make up for my strength by taking a rest

I have to run the game when I wake up. I don’t have time to prepare something. You can’t show 100% performance to fans who spend time and money visiting the stadium. “He has 96 goals and 34 assists in 327 K-League matches, said veteran striker Yang Dong-hyun (Suwon FC).”.

The K-League 1 schedule for the 2021 season is tighter than usual. The 12 K-League 1 clubs have been playing more than two games a week since the opening of the 2021 season on Feb. 27. Clubs that play the FA Cup round of 16 will play more than eight games in May alone.

First, the group stage of the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Champions League (ACL) is COVID-19, which will be held in one place from June 22 to July 11. Four clubs, including Daegu FC, which will host the playoff, will participate in ACL. Jeonbuk Hyundai and Daegu will play Uzbekistan, Ulsan Hyundai and Pohang Steelers will play ACL schedules in Thailand.

Ahead of the ACL, the second Asian qualifying round for the 2022 Qatar World Cup will also be held. The Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Paulo Bento, will convene on May 31. The second qualifying round, which has been postponed indefinitely to COVID-19, will be held from June 5 to 13.

In the 2021 season, COVID-19 variables should also be considered. If COVIDO COVID-19 occurs during the season, the schedule must be postponed for more than two weeks.

There is an example. In the 2020 season, confirmed cases of COVID-19 occurred in K-League 2 Daejeon Hana Citizen. The final match of K-League 2 in the 2020 season was delayed by more than two weeks. In the 2021 season, confirmed cases of COVID-19 came out from FC Seoul and Chungnam Asan Professional Football Team. A total of 11 matches were postponed.

“It is not that there was no discussion of reducing the number of games before the opening of the 2021 season,” a soccer official said. “It was difficult to proceed with the season like the 2020 season.” “I said,” I said.

The previous official went on to say, “The biggest problem for the 2020 season was the reduction of sponsors. This happened as the opening was postponed indefinitely and the number of games was reduced. It’s still COVID-19. The crowd is full. However, if you play 38 games normally, you can expect a higher promotional effect than last year. 강남출장마사지 I couldn’t avoid the inevitable choice. I focused on minimizing the risk posed by Covid-19 I said, “Yes.

The opening of the K-League 1 in the 2020 season was late on the 69th, down from 38 games to 27 games, including the capital final round. Also, the 2020 K-League sidelined most of its games with COVID-19

You can’t sit down because it’s hard. Players want to get the best results in a tighter schedule than any other year. What the players are most concerned about is their physical strength.

“My hometown is Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province. My mother sends me a container full of side dishes,” Incheon United captain Kim Do-hyuk said with a smile. “The rice with my mother’s sincerity is a supplement.”. It’s not easy to play more than two games a week. However, everyone is in the same situation. I will do my best to show the best performance I said, “Yes.

Daegu FC defender Hong Jung-woon was similar. He said he is playing a tighter game schedule than any other year. “The team is paying attention to the condition of the players “I said,” I said.

Players care more about their physical fitness than usual. They try to eat healthy food and take a good rest. They get massaged every day and go to the sauna. Professional players are obliged to show their best performance in any situation. In particular, Daegu is with the K-League’s best fans. They will do their best to meet the expectations of their fans

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