Additional loans for Sunshine Loans for those who are attending small and medium-sized businesses

The government agencies of the state

Those who help us are the ones who

The economic capacity of the people in the composition

For those who are not so good

to help the family

It has a purpose, and it has a purpose

the repayment relationship that it should use and of course keep

For those who are thoroughly preparing,

I’m getting a chance to try.

It’s open to more than you think

I don’t know the details. I just want to check the financial products

You don’t look at the deepest things, so you’re not gonna

I’ll arrange it and make it easy 폰테크 to use it

I’ll tell him.

The source or type of things that assets carry

It doesn’t matter that much. Commonly

We’re almost done with the repayment, or we’re not sure

If it is met, it is accessible, and it is actually the first time

You have to look at qualifications just like you do on a loan

There are parts that are present.

If you’ve ever heard of government support

low enough to be able to grasp

The annual income

only the acquirer and it possibles

Yes, no matter how much personal score is above

If you like, you can’t use it, so please refer to it

I hope.

Rather, it is not possible to receive

In the case of people,

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do anything

I have a lot of people’s love.

I want you to be adjusted and watch the back of the common people

The reason for this is that we have

among the people, among the common people,

It is out of the intention of opening up the wide direction

Because I don’t.

So if you’re willing to meet the minimum

I’m sure you’re in a position

You don’t have to worry so much about being

I can tell you.

But we shouldn’t be focusing on it

Because there are impossible standards.

The important part of that is the debt repayment ratio.

We must not cross this. This ratio is the best

When you calculate by standard, it’s perfect

with the total debt of

If the status is found, it may be rejected for the examination.

It’s true that there’s virtually no possibility

I do not even have hope at all, so I do not

It is a good idea to get the right solution.

In this situation, I have been steadily

If you are continuing to repay,

and then we’re gonna need to use the system

You’ll be eligible.

I need a few steps

The yearly limit is about

There’s no problem with the maximum

if it didn’t occur, it would have been

It is available and can be adopted by year.

If it is due, it will be reexamined

We can use it.

You can feel a lot of necessary documents, but

to the guarantee issuance type through the credit guarantee foundation

We need to know that it’s going to be done, so

If this issue does not come out, naturally

It is subject to restrictions and requires basic resident copy documents.

Also, it is higher than the number allowed during the period of service

If the salary negotiation is made, it may be difficult to use it

I hope you will lead the way under a systematic plan.

Finally, the only thing to note is that you

We need to be careful and we need to make sure that

If you have been thoroughly managed, you can use it enough.

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